IVF Myths and Facts: Breaking the Stereotype Around IVF

Despite its success, many myths about who is it meant for and what it is still persist. Experts at BABIES & US, the best IVF Centre in Mumbai, reveals few of the myths about IVF and supplies the facts instead.

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Are you thinking of having baby or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)? Not sure whether to go for IVF? Many aspiring couples worldwide fulfil their dream of having children with the aid of IVF. Despite its success, many myths about who is it meant for and what it is still persist. Experts at BABIES & US, the best IVF Centre in Mumbai, reveals few of the myths about IVF and supplies the facts instead.

IVF Myths and Facts: Breaking the Stereotype around IVF

Although every one wishes to have baby naturally, few medical conditions may force couples consider alternative ways of having it. In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is one of the most preferred options worldwide. Despite being a successful alternative, there are many myths about this procedure. Experts at BABIES & US, IVF Centre in Mumbai, reveals few of the facts related to IVF.


Myth: IVF is meant only for infertile couples

Fact: Although In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is generally used to help a woman, who otherwise cannot conceive baby naturally, you may not be infertile if you wish to get benefitted from IVF treatment. You can choose IVF if one of the partners have some genetic disorder which can affect the longevity and health of your baby.


Making use of your own sperm and eggs, embryos are created inside the lab and are then tested for the genetic problems. Only the healthy embryos are transferred. If you wish, other embryos can be freeze for next pregnancies.

Couples of same-sex may wish to go for IVF. In such cases, you can choose either a donor egg or the donor sperm.


In case you are part of the couple, who share the same female anatomy, you might possibly choose to share the stages of conceiving and delivery through IVF. In Reciprocal IVF, one of the females donates eggs which are fertilized with the donor sperm. The healthy embryo is then transmitted to other female’s body for gestation.


Myth: IVF can be done at any age 

Fact: The reproductive system of a woman also ages as the woman ages. Production of enough eggs may not be possible which is required to create healthy embryo even with IVF. Possibly her uterus too may not be strong enough to carry the child.


Other factors too determine how successful you would be with IVF. Few couples may need to go for multiple rounds of IVF.


As like in case of natural pregnancy, here too there is no guarantee as such that the IVF shall work. Experts at BABIES & US, best IVF Centre in Mumbai, suggest how likely is it for you to succeed with IVF considering you and your partner’s age and other health conditions.


Myth: IVF causes you to have multiple births

Fact: Previously, IVF Centres typically used to transfer multiple healthy embryos to the uterus in order to increase your likelihoods of a live birth. With technological advancements in ensuing decades, it’s not necessary to transfer multiple embryos. In fact multiple embryo transfers may lead to increase in chances of premature birth or miscarriage.


At BABIES & US, IVF Centre in Mumbai, we implant just a single healthy embryo unless otherwise specified by you. That is one of the reasons why our success ratio is comparatively high.


IVF is the only means to have a baby if you’re infertile

Fact: Unless one of you partners have genetic problems, or you are couple with same-sex, you may not need IVF to have a normal healthy baby. It’s only after you both partner have undertaken thorough fertility evaluation, we recommend IVF.


Simpler procedures like surgery to repair structural issues and medications for balancing hormones too are beneficial. You may opt for Artificial Insemination too in which sperm of your partner or donor is parked into your uterus without sexual intercourse.


Myth: All the IVF clinics are same

As like all other medical services, quality may vary significantly. It depends on the technology available at the centre that decides the accuracy and results of the treatment. We at BABIES & US, the best IVF Centre in Mumbai comprises of highly skilled scientists, embryologist and well trained staff to give you the best treatments. 

We are equipped with the latest hi-tech laboratories; ultra-modern labs fitted with HEPA filters and have photo catalytic convertors and ultra violet lights. 


Myth: Fertility drugs leads to cancer

Fact: Although taking medicines to fuel ovulation and release of multiple eggs may be needed, you can be rest assured that they are safe. As many as 48.5 million couples worldwide have used IVF to have babies. No study has pointed out any increased risk of cancer even years after these couples’ got the IVF treatment done.



IVF treatment is safe. These were some of the common IVF myths that needed to be busted to make your IVF journey smooth and effective; you must have got a clear idea how beneficial the IVF treatment can be.


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